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Our products are 100% made from USA materials, local businesses as much as possible, and entirely made with plant-based and natural products. To top it off, the natural oil used is vegan certified.
These tables are built to be repairable and outlive you!

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We can make your space the hit of the party and add a bit of nature loving energy.

Are you looking for a that perfect table or counter? How about impressing your clients with a conference table?
Not only can we tell you the history of where the tree came from, but it’s directly recycled from the community instead of being added to a waste facility or burned out in a pasture.

An entirely family-owned business and we're ready to create something incredible for your family to love! No corporate structure to give you a headache or middle-man to deal with.

Entirely upfront and ran by a family dedicated to build you a one of a kind American piece.


Latest Projects

Custom Bar for House Parties

January 15, 2023

Our most sought after item is the bar/hostess station. This station made from Ash is going into a home for parties and drinks. On its way to its forever home.

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Restaurant Table Tops for The Squeeze Inn

January 14, 2023

We’d like to present: A Merlot Red river. Finish products coming around the corner so stay tuned. They do have a finished counter top within their establishment you all can check out down in Zillah WA! These table top pieces of American Elm came from the dam project that was going on the Naches River.…

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New Bartop for MAK Daddy Coffee

January 11, 2023

We make some of the most unique and high quality bars than any other competitor in the Pacific Northwest. Where others use products to get to where we are we use a very specific technique that allows a natural process for a finish and ironically it’s Vegan friendly. Just a fun fact! This Silver Lead…

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Your table should look as good as what you're serving on it.

Reach out now to so we can build you your own custom piece using reclaimed wood:

table, bar, bar tables, dining chairs, stools, counter tops, cutting boards, shot glasses, benches; really, whatever you can think of!

Latest News

We make shot glasses too!

January 17, 2023

We got shot glasses and as one customer decided was a good use for tooth picks too. Get them while you can they tend to go fast!

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Reflecting on How Far We’ve Come and New Projects Ahead

January 14, 2023

We got good news coming. We will be building another beer hall and this one for reference will be 2.5 times the size of when we built a similar beer hall like the “Bier Den”. As a small business that started out with recycling tree resources from our community and turning them into usable products…

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Black Walnut Charcuterie Board

December 29, 2022

Decided to have Jessies sushi & teriyaki decorate one of our Black walnut charcuterie boards. Really good Sushi place btw and they did a really good job! This shows how much energy our natural products give to a presentation. Give your loved ones or customers something to get excited over as part of your ambiance.

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